Date: Sunday 20 March 2016
Time: 2.00–3.00pm
Venue: Turoa Room, Powderhorn Chateau
Tickets: $14 ($10 concession)

Lives are the foundation of fiction and biography, but what happens when you combine the two? Poet and academic Harry Ricketts has written an acclaimed biography of Rudyard Kipling, and Strange Meetings: The Poets of the Great War. In Helen Rickerby’s collection My Iron Spine, she began experimenting with biographical poetry. The poems in Anna Jackson’s I Clodia tell the story of Clodia Metelli, the lover of Roman poet Catullus. Thom Conroy’s debut novel The Naturalist is about the life of scientist and explorer Ernst Dieffenbach. These four writers talk about the place where lives and literature intersect.



Find out more about the writers in this session: